Auditions have been postponed due to COVID-19 crisis.

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DECADES! – The Soundtrack of Your Life

SEPTEMBER 17, 18, 19, & 20TH, 2020

Announcing Auditions for the 2020 Follies—Auditions for singers, dancers, musicians, specialty acts, & Showgirls for the 2020 Follies will be held hopefully soon. Auditions have been delayed due to COVID-19 crisis.

The Follies combines 100+ active adult performers, spectacular costumes, memorable music, dazzling choreography, and a variety of comedy, songs and dances that will have audiences stomping their feet, laughing one moment and feeling sentimental the next.

Our 2020 Spectacular Entertainment Fall Event will be performed again at Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts in Richardson Texas See your there!

For more information, see the 2020 Fall Show page for details.

The Largest And Longest Running Active Adult over 55 Musical Theater Entertainment Event In The USA

Welcome To The Spectacular Follies

Performing since 2008, the Spectacular Follies is again gearing up for opening night and this year’s show is chock-full of Ziegfeld-style glamour, talent and some big-time performers – all 55 or older.

Michael Levine

“It was a terrific show – VERY well done, and particularly amazing that all the performers were over 55 and all volunteers. Please tell your fellow performers and directors that I have seen all that there is to see in Hollywood, and the Spectacular Follies is right up there with the best.”


Keeping up with the Follies


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