DeeAnne Meece

“It is my privilege and honor to be the Creative Director for the Spectacular Follies. The talent is astounding and the people are clearly the finest anywhere. If anyone in the audience has any problems, they will definitely forget them for the two-hour show of the Spectacular Follies. I’m proud to be associated with this outstanding group!! “ 

Michael Levine

“It was a terrific show – VERY well done, and particularly amazing that all the performers were over 55 and all volunteers. Please tell your fellow performers and directors that I have seen all that there is to see in Hollywood, and the Spectacular Follies is right up there with the best.” 

Stacy D

“The best variety show in a long time. Nonstop musical delights featuring a cast of entertainers all over the age of 55 singing and dancing their hearts out. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the gorgeous showgirls.”

Madonna N

“When I began inviting all my friends to the show coming up in September, many of them said: ‘You are in the FOLLIES???’ ‘OMG!!!’ ‘What a fantastic show … ‘You are the lucky one!’ Yes I am!!!”

Cenia B

“I attended this fantastic show with friends. The music, lighting, sets, costumes, and entertainers were spectacular! All cast members are 55 and older and they are really great! I wanted to sing along and dance.”


“I had so much fun at this show in September. I was transported back to a time of innocence and fun. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire show. I can’t wait to see it again next year. Keep up the great work.”

Stephen D

“A show so filled with inspiration, incredible talent, joy and energy that it is impossible to believe that this beautiful cast is mostly well over 55!! I guarantee that you will laugh, shed a few tears, tap your toes.”

Rodney P

“This show is not an ‘old folks’ talent show. Most, if not all, of the cast members are or have been professional entertainers. Guaranteed that you will leave the performance in better spirits than when you walked into the auditorium – including young people.”

Carol MC

“After being in this show for five years, I attended the show in 2017 as an audience member and was completely WOWED by everything…..the sets, the costumes, the backdrops, the lighting, the sounds and the energy. This show will leave you tapping your toes and humming on old familiar tunes for weeks afterwards. So much fun!”

Bob Hayes

“The Senior Follies is an amazing production! Incredible talent!!”

Beth P

“You would have to go to NYC to see such a grand show!!”

Carolina J

“Excelente de lo mejor”

Maureen DD

“Unbelievable amount of talent! A truly entertaining annual event and the Military tribute is incredibly moving!”

Jill B

“This show only comes around once a year in September. You really don’t want to miss it. Great for the WHOLE family! Come and celebrate the joy of life, love, and laughter through the great music and talents of the ‘seasoned’ (not senior) cast members! You won’t regret it!”

Stephen D

“The one thing that you don’t want to miss this year is the amazing, incredibly, totally entertaining and awesome Spectacular Follies!! Most of these wonderfully talented performers are well over 55 and totally ready to thoroughly entertain and delight you with each number more fabulous than the last! Do yourself a favor and give your entire family the perfect gift of tickets to this heartfelt show that will have you on your feet clapping and blowing kisses!!!”

Marcie GB

“I started going to the Spectacular Follies several years ago and always took someone with me, my mom, mother-n-law, friend and everyone always thoroughly enjoys the show. Last year was my first year to be in show instead of the audience! WOW! These performers, directors and staff are absolutely phenomenal! Last year my husband, friends and son and his fiancé attended for the first time. They were all blown away and had a great time. This is a show you simply should not miss!”

Sheila K

“The shows just keep getting better and better every year. It’s a family friendly show filled with exciting singers, dancers, aerial performers, comedy skits and beautiful showgirls. You will fall in love with these energetic and talented artists who believe that ‘age is just a number and theirs are not listed’.”

Jim H

“This show is one of the most professional entertainments in North Texas. Many of the performers appear in community and regional theater productions, and several have Broadway experience, performed in movies and in Las Vegas. Each annual production by these talented, volunteer entertainers (over the age of 55) has become more Spectacular than the previous year. It is definitely the most lavish production in the DFW area.”

Carol C

“The best thing I can say about the Spectacular Follies is that it’s so full of surprises! You have a WOW moment from the colorful costumes & very cute guys & girls. Then, BAM, you see a dazzling performance from our dancing couples. And, let us not forget our drop-dead gorgeous Show Girls, with headdresses going up to the heavens & legs for days! All tied up with a patriotic red, white & blue ribbon finale full of America’s best, most mature singers, dancers!”

Sherry D

“I have attended the productions the past three years, and have been blown away by the Broadway caliber performances. It’s a must see for every age group!!”

Debbie CP

“One friend – who has seen many, many shows – said over and over it was the best show he’d ever seen.”

Betsy L

“The dancers and singers in the Senior Follies are spectacular! They are energetic, sexy, talented and most vibrant people I have ever met. You are all an inspiration to me and I have upmost respect for all you do.”

Larry B

“I am really surprised how this show comes together due to the complexity of the show as well as the total number of performers involved. The result is an audience pleasing experience. If you haven’t experienced it – make plans now to attend this year’s Spectacular Follies!”

Jill RB

“I attended the first Senior Follies Show to see my famous mom, Rosemary Rumbley, perform and I couldn’t wait until I became of age to perform in the show. It has morphed into the best production ever produced locally. It’s a must see and I can’t wait to see this year’s show evolve.”

Jeri E

“I’ve had the privilege of being a part of this spectacular show since the beginning. It’s a salute to what life represents. Full of fabulous performers singing, dancing and entraining their way into your hearts. Travel through time with us and let us take you back to your most fond memories and favorite moments. Let us entertain you!”

Margie H

“A fast paced, family friendly show with top notch talent. Every show outdoes the one before. It’s a joy to watch!!! Come see the fun!”

Sue H

“The Follies is one of the best shows I’ve seen. It is such fun and the people are like family. Come in September for a great evening of entertainment and fun.”

Barbara HF

“You will be amazed by the talent, music, scenery and professionalism of this show! You are promised to have a great time and leave in a much better mood than you entered! It’s a feel-good show for sure!!”

Cris B

“This production and all cast and crew involved are SPECTACULAR!!! The name of the show Spectacular Follies could not be more appropriate. Great talent with personalities exuding from each performer just draws the audience to the stage. You have to come see it!!!”

Gary L

“The SPECTACULAR SENIOR FOLLIES is an amazing show with a cast of ridiculously talented performers…all of whom happen to be seniors (over 55 years old, which you would never guess by their fabulous skills)! The show is in September every year. Don’t miss this entertainment experience!”

Sue Ellen Tucker Roberts

“Wowza! Fantastic and talented musicians, singers and dancers. You must see to believe they are seniors.”

Angela S

“I loved the Senior Follies last year. It was my first time attending the performance. My husband and I truly loved it!!”

Bettye M

“Singing and dancing is wonderful. You will be surprised and thoroughly entertained.”

Linda Smith


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