Spectacular Follies Virtual Videos on YouTube

Check out (and subscribe!) to our YouTube channel for virtual videos created by the Spectacular Follies.  These videos are fun, inspirational, creative and star members of the Spectacular Follies cast.

Video Production and Preservation

Productions are recorded during a regular performance with a live audience and are intended to represent as closely as possible a typical performance as seen in the theatre.

In addition to live performances, commercial recordings of theatre-related films, documentaries, or television programs will also be included in this collection.


History of the Follies on Video Archive

Since 2007, the Spectacular Follies (SF) has preserved live our yearly theatrical productions and documented the creative contributions of distinguished artists and legendary figures of our production cast. With the consent and cooperation of the theatrical cast and each production’s artistic collaborators, SF produces video recordings of our regional theatre productions as well as dialogues between notable theatre personalities, cast members and audience reviews.

These recordings will revolutionize theatre research, ensuring that today’s performances will be tomorrow’s legacy, available to future generations for study and inspiration. The Archive is available to theatre professionals, students, or researchers with work or study-related reasons for viewing. Advance appointments are strongly recommended.


Check out our YouTube Channel

The Spectacular Follies YouTube channel has more videos from past shows as well as new content from Follies cast members. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications when we post a new video.


Our Video Highlights, Demos and Archives 

“Return to the 50s”

2023 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

“A New Attitude”

2019 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

“ENCORE! Everything Old Is New Again”

2018 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

“Fabulous 50s”

2017 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

“Bravo Broadway”

2016 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

Spectacular Follies

2015 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

Spectacular Follies

2011 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

Spectacular Follies

2010 Spectacular Follies Highlights Video

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