What An Advertising Opportunity

The Spectacular Follies relies upon our supportive advertisers to help us continue putting on our shows and publish our website. Over 5000 beautiful Show Programs are printed and distributed every year.


Keep the music and laughter provided by the Spectacular Follies alive!


Program Advertising

All that is required is your digital, print ready, ad copy in .jpg, ,tif or .pdf format. We’ll do everything else:

  • Full page – $500.00 (Included for Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsor)
  • Half page – $250.00 (Included for Emerald Sponsor)
  • Quarter page – $150.00 (Included for Bronze Sponsor)


Program Ad Examples

Underwrite Our Internet Ad Campaigns

One of our major advertising thrusts at the Follies this year will be to use Google AdWords to spread the word about the Follies. This form of internet advertising is called “AdWords Pay Per Click” and we are looking for underwriters for these advertising campaigns.

What’s in it for you?

Simple! When someone clicks on one of our ads on Google, they are transfered to one of our landing pages. This landing page will have your banner ad on it.

Talk about setting an impression!

What do I need to do?

Simple! Create a banner ad that is 300px wide by 400px wide at 72dpi. The image must be scaleable or shrinkable to ~150 px for the various media types we have design for but we will display the ad on most mobile devices at the 300px size.**

What is the area targeted?

Currently, we are targeting all searches on Google in a 100 mile radius of Dallas, TX. Anything outside of this has proven to be unproductive for our ticket selling needs.

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