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The Cast Of The Spectacular Follies

The Spectacular Follies of Dallas soars in an exhilarating new production, featuring a company of over 100 actors and musicians.

The dynamic setting of Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts brought the audience members closer than ever into the legendary “Weismann Follies” company whose reunion uncovers ghostly illusions from the past amidst the startling realities of the present Vaudeville.


Our team of entertainers have positioned themselves to be a glittering example of living with joy. They inspire others all over the world to be all that they can be, regardless of their age.

These energetic adults have rejected the popular notions of spending their golden years idle, instead, they sing, dance, and make people laugh with joyous abandon. Yes, our talented actors performed for full houses for the 5 performances they gave at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts on the Galatyn Park Urban Center campus.

2021 Cast Members

We’re excited to announce that our 2021 cast has been selected!  Here’s the list of our cast members for “Return to the 50s!”

Cast members in red are new to the Follies Family and we are excited to be working with them this year!

Kay Adcock Sherry Dodson Gary Land Terre Quinn
Phil Alford Stacy Dominguez “Chicago” Dan Langerman Karla Roberson
Carron Atnip Mary Dowling Steve Leach Bettie Roeber
Carolyn Austin Stephen Dunn Betsy Lee Teri Ann Rogers
Marcie Baker Debbie Dutton Barbara Louisell Rosemary Rumbley
“Sista” Jacqui Baldwin Jeri Edwards Shawn Lovelidge Leona Rupert
Benny Barrett Barbara Frank Lisa Lumpkin Julie Salomon
Jill Beam Paula Franks Jan Marcus Ken Savage
Laura Beeman Kathy Garber Bettye Martin Sandy Savage
Cenia Bowen Kimberly Ghedi Joel Mathis Mike Sawyer
Bill Brooks Stacia Goad-Malone Sandy McCravy Dawn Smith
Jill L. Brooks Beverly Graham Carol McDonald Linda Smith
Joyce Brown Norma Sue Grandi Andy Michlin Angela Stanley
Sandy Burdine “Carmen” Debra Gulledge Sherry Mills Liz Thomas
Fred Carriker Charlie Haddox Diane Montgomery Mary Sue Thornton
Peggy Chandler Sharon Havard Neil Mowles Mary Virginia Tuinstra
Bill Cobb Bob Hayes Robert Nelson Denise Veliz
Carol Cohen Jim Heaberg Valerie New Deanna Venable
Laurie Collett Scott Hickman David Noel Melody Vermeire
Richard Collett Myke Holt Madonna Nuckolls Debbie Vincent
Chris Cree Steve Holt Dee Olson Bill Wallace
Marjorie (Kiwi) Cutler Pat Housel Garry Page Darryl Ware
Cyndi Darland Judith Jenkins Gina Piranio Gerald Ware
Pamela Dean Cindy Kahn Beth Weems Pirtle Harold Ware
Phyllis Deluke Candy Kelley Rodney Pirtle Lucia Welch
Fran Dempsey Sheila Klein Nancy Pistilli Linda Wills
Margaret Diehl John R. LaMonica Brigitta Powers  

To read more about our cast members, visit our Cast Biography page.

Previous Years’ Cast Members

Kay Adcock Debbie Dutton Lynn Lish James Rentfro
Phil Alford Don Dutton Barbara Louisell Lee Roach
Brian Allen Jeri Edwards Lisa Lumpkin Karla Roberson
Carron Atnip Doris Short Emmons Rodney Machac Sue Ellen Tucker Roberts
Rachel Austin Al Fike Lillie Madison Bettie Roeber
Marcie Baker Barbara Frank Nikki Maranell Teri Ann Rogers
“Sista” Jacqui Baldwin Paula Franks Bettye Martin Suzie Rosenstein
Jill Beam Kathy Garber Joel Mathis Rose-Mary Rumbley
Evelyn Boring Kimberly Ghedi Carol McDonald Bob Rycroft
Cenia Bowen Beverly Graham Jackie McFarland Julie Salomon
Jill L. Brooks Nancy Griggs Sandy McCravy Sandy Savage
Sandy Burdine Debra “Carmen” Gulledge Terri McGlothin Mike Sawyer
Doug Capener Charlie Haddox Kevin McNevins Mackie Schaars
Fred Carriker Brent Harper DeeAnne Meece Dawn Smith
Carol McCune Castelhano Sue Vaughn Harper Andy Michlin Linda Jenkins Smith
Peggy Chandler Bob Hayes Jackie Troup Miller Sherry Snider
Carol Ann Cohen Jana Hayes Diane Montgomery Debbie Stamer
Kelly Conte Jim Heaberg Byron Nelson Liz Thomas
Chris Cree Scott Hickman Valerie New Mary Sue Thornton
Marjorie (Kiwi) Cutler Margie Horton David Noel John Vance
Carole Davis Pat Madden Housel Madonna Nuckolls Denise Veliz
Pamela Dean Candy Maclin Kelley Deanna Dee Olson Deanna Sacket Venable
Joe Del Ferro Sheila Shepard Klein Garry Page Tom VerEecke
Phyllis Deluke Gary Land Debbie Perrone Melody Vermeire
Frances Dempsey “Chicago Dan” Langerman Gina Piranio Bill Wallace
Margaret Diehl Kathy Lazenby Beth Weems Pirtle Lucia Welch
Sherry Dodson Steve Leach Rodney Pirtle Laura Whelton
Mary Dowling Betsy Lee Nancy Pistilli Forbes Woods
Stephen Dangerfield Dunn Ralph Lindsey Brigitta Powers Alice Young


Kay Adcock
Cenia Bowen
Sandy Burdine
Lavalle Clark
Sherry Dodson
Betsy Lee
Sandy McCravy
Terre Q McGlothin, MD
Beth Weems Pirtle
Bettie Roeber
Kay Adcock Stephen Dunn Paula Lee Bettie Roeber
Phil Alford Debbie Dutton Lynn Lish Rosemary Rumbley
Carron Atnip Don Dutton Lillie Madison Sandy Savage
Carolyn Austin Jeri Edwards Dave Mallard Mike Sawyer
Esperanza Avitia Doris Emmons Sherry Mallard Mackie Schaars
Marcie Baker Barbara Frank Bettye Martin Kathy Schroeder
Benny Barrett Paula Franks Vickie Masters Michael Serrecchia
Jill Beam W. Neil “Doc” Gallagher Joel Mathis Doris Simons
Kimberly Ghedi Kathy Garber Sandy McCravy Hal Smith
Marci Blakenship Linda Goldman Carol McDonald Linda Smith
Evelyn Boring Minerva Gonzalez Kassira McKee Robert “Bob” Smith
Cenia Bowen Beverly Graham Kevin McNevins Scott Smith
Jill Brooks Sue Grandi Dee Anne Meece Sherry Snider
Cris Buhler Debra “Carmen” Gulledge Mike Meece Angela Stanley
Larry Burdine Charlie Haddox Judy Michlin Glenna Stone-Morgan
Sandy Burdine Brent Harper Byron Nelson Karen Sulzman
Fred Carriker Sue Harper Valerie New Pam Terrell
Mark Carroll Trella Hart David Noel Liz Thomas
Estelle Carter Bob Hayes Madonna Nuckolls Mary Sue Thornton
Carol Castelhano Jim Heaberg Dee Olson Jackie Troup Miller
Peggy Chandler Margie Horton Garry Page Mary Virginia Tuinstra
Bruce Chowning Pat Housel Debbie Perrone John Vance
Carol Ann Cohen Judith Jenkins Gina Piranio Denise Veliz
Laurie Collett Jerrie Johns Beth Pirtle Deanna Venable
Richard Collett Terri Johnson Rodney Pirtle Tom VerEecke
Marjorie (Kiwi) Cutler Candy Kelley Nancy Pistilli Melody Vermeire
Joe DelFerro Sheila Klein Dave Power Forrest Allen Ward
Phyllis DeLuke Jeremy Kondact James Price Carol Wertheimer
Frances Dempsey Gary Land Mary Ann Rethke Laura Whelton
Sherry Dodson Dan Langerman Karla Roberson Linda Wills
Stacy Dominguez Steve Leach Sue Ellen Roberts Forbes Woods
Esperanza Avitia Laura Whelton Sue Grandi Janet Rock
Kimberly Bjork Kay Adcock Sheila Klein Bettie Roeber
Cenia Bowen Jill Beam Betsy Lee Doris Simons
Sherry Dodson Sandy Burdine Sandy McCravy Sherry Snider
Terri Johnson Estelle Carter Judy Michlin Karen Sulzman
Glenna Stone-Morgan Stacy Dominguez Beth Pirtle Mary Virginia Tuinstra
Denise Veliz Debbie Dutton Mary Ann Rethke Carol Wertheimer
Kay Adcock Mary Dowling David Mallard Rose Mary Rumbley
Phil Alford Stephen Dunn Sherry Mallard Bill Sanner
Carron Atnip Don Dutton Bettye Martin Sandy Savage
Carolyn Austin Jeri Edwards Vickie Masters Mackie Schaars
Marcie Baker Barbara Frank Sandy McCravy Kathy Schroeder
Kay Barnett W. Neil “Doc” Gallagher Kevin McNevins Beverly Siggers
Benny Barrett Kathy Garber DeeAnne Meece Doris Simons
Jill Beam Linda Goldman Andy Michlin Harold T. “Hal” Smith
Kimberly Bjork Minerva Gonzalez Ed Neuberger Hal Smith
Ralph Blackburn Donald Goss Valerie New Linda Smith
Evelyn Boring Beverly Graham David Noel Scott Smith
John Brady Debra “Carmen” Gulledge Sharon O’Neal Paul Stewart
Jill Brooks Brent Harper Dee Olson Glenna Stone-Morgan
Larry Burdine Sue Harper Garry Page Deborah Stovall
Sandy Burdine Jim Heaberg Robert Petrucello Lyndon Taylor
Estelle Florey Carter Lana Hilton Gina Piranio Rick Tett
Peggy Chandler Margie Horton Beth Pirtle Liz Thomas
Bruce Chowning Pat Housel Rodney Pirtle Mary Sue Thornton
Sharon Clute Judith Jenkins Nancy Pistilli Mary Virginia Tuinstra
Carol Ann Cohen Katie Butler Johnson Dave Power John Vance
Laurie Collett Terri Johnson James Price Elizabeth Simons Varhaug
Richard Collett Herb Kamm Mary Ann Rethke Deanna Venable
Elaine Crockett Candy Maclin Kelley Karla Roberson Bill Wallace
Marjorie (Kiwi) Cutler Gary Land Sue Ellen Roberts Forrest Allen Ward
Joe DelFerro Steve Leach Janet Rock Carol Wertheimer
Phyllis DeLuke Betsy Lee Chris Rodriguez Forbes Leon Woods
Frances Dempsey Lynn Lish Bettie Roeber
Stacy Dominguez Jo Ellen Long Teri Ann Rogers


Kay Adcock
Kay Barnett
Sandy Burdine
Estelle Florey Carter
Stacy Dominguez
Betsy Lee
Beth Weems Pirtle
Mary Ann Rethke
Janet Rock
Sherry Snider
Mary Virginia Tuinstra

Supporting Cast Groups

Class Act Tap Company

The Class Act Tap Company was founded in 1986 and is a service organization of up to 40 ladies who serve North Texas as volunteers by giving tap dancing shows at no charge, totaling over 2,700 shows in the past 30 years.

Dallas Tap Dazzlers

While the Dazzlers enjoy the benefits of exercise (weekly rehearsals and year-round performances), fresh air (check out any parade in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area), and fellowship (most members have been Dazzlers for over ten years) and laughter (just meet any one of these fabulous women and you’ll soon be laughing, too) their REAL reward is being told they inspire all age groups, particularly those over 40! 

Groovy Ladies

Members of the Groovy Ladies have been part of the core dance ensemble since its inception. In 2013, the nine ladies became a specialty act, “The Groovy Ladies,” named for an audition routine parody to Beyoncé’s “All the Single Ladies.” They have been delighted to perform featured numbers each year since then, including the fan-favorite “Our Favorite Son.”

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