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Enter your biography data here. This data will be used in the program for our show and also displayed on our website.

If you submitted a biography for our 2023 show, that biography still exists. See the biography that was included in the 2023 program by clicking the button below.

Cast members can review their website biography by clicking here and finding your entry on the Cast Member page. Creative staff can find their biography on the Creative Team page. If you’d like to update that information, submit a new biography below. If no updates are needed, you do not have to submit a biography.

If you don’t see your name on the Cast Member or Creative Team page, you have not submitted a biography.

Biographies are updated by our webmaster as time permits. You will be notified when your biography has been added to/updated on the Cast Member/Creative Team page.

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You can enter as much information here as you would like. Brag a little (or a lot!). If you choose not to enter information here, data from your "Biography for Program" (above) will be used.
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