Ten-Year Salute to the Follies

by | Jul 13, 2018 | In The News

Wow! Who would have believed ten years ago
We’d still be presenting this spectacular show?
We’re so thankful Mark Carroll had a big dream
And got Net Startzel and Frank Frazier to join his team!

“As Time Goes By” was filled with dance and song,
And this “who’s who” of talent made the show really long.
We had Mark, Trella, Bobbie, Carmen, RoseMary and Lu,
Joe, Charles, Bill, Bess, Carol, Steve and Judy, too.

We were “Young at Heart” at the Majestic in 2009,
And John de los Santos joined Steven Cralle to keep us in line.
Ebby Halliday continued to give our financials a hand,
And Andy Michlin once again led his great band!

We again had big laughs from Frances and Ned
And great music from Gary, Beth, Rodney, Mary Virginia and Ted.
There was lively tapping from the Dallas Dazzlers & Class Act,
And the ensemble sure wow’d – and that’s a fact!

We took a “Sentimental Journey” back to the Eisemann in 2010
And had the Rotary Chorus and beautiful showgirls once again.
Special guests and new talent made us feel blessed,
And Jackie Troup Miller and Lillie were two of the best!

Mark and Max led our shows those first three years;
Then Michael and Megan arrived to applause and cheers!
Mark and Jim Heberg emceed as we went “Steppin’ Out.”
Astaire, Tropicana, hippies, America – that’s what we’re about.

We had “Good Times” and “Rocked Out” in 2013.
Doc, Maggie and Guys & Dolls arrived on the scene.
The ensemble and showgirls brought back Chorus Line,
And patriotic numbers made the ending so fine!

2014 was the year that brought us big change
With Bill Geyer’s band and Dee Anne’s amazing vocal range!
Michael Robinson and others designed Goddess gowns,
And the acts of “Music Music” brought the house down!

It was back to the Eisemann in 2015,
Where Bashful, Blush and Blossom made the scene.
We had boy bands, a little country and even some nuns,
And the Love Boat set sail with songs and fun!

The Broadway production exploded in 2016
With bigger numbers than we had ever seen!
Mike Meece became Harold and that great man, Will,
And the praise for that show is ringing still!

2017 brought saddle oxfords, poodle skirts and ponytails,
While the rock and roll of the 50’s was being wailed!
We had Doo-Wops, Puppy Love and the old sock hop,
And the energy and fun just would not stop!

The audience is shocked by the talent they see,
And we know we’re as lucky as we can be
To be a part of this most spectacular show…
Because it is the Best of Times – you know!

Yes, we’ve become a family through the years
And have shared many laughs and even some tears.
In fact, we need to stop sharing so much –
Like colds, laryngitis, fever and such (:

All this talent doesn’t happen just by chance;
We have to be directed to sing and dance.
So hats off to the Board and best creative team ever,
And as to when it ends, we just say NEVER!


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